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Psychosocial support after a traumatic incident

You have been involved in a traumatic event. This may cause stress reactions. These reactions are normal and part of processing the traumatic event. They may occur instantly or at a later moment in time. You may suffer from:

  • recurrent memories of the event
  • sleep problems
  • anxiety or irritability.

Do ask for help

Do you experience these kind of reactions for more than 2 months? Or is it difficult for you to go back to your everyday life? Do not hesitate to ask for help!

  • Go to your family doctor/GP. Your doctor can refer you to especially trained social workers.
  • You can also turn to Slachtofferhulp (victim support services) for help.

Tips for coping

  • Talk to people who are important to you about what has happened. Do not hide your feeling.
  • Try to resume your normal daily activities but take it easy.
  • Think about what relaxes you and take time for such relaxing activities.
  • Avoid using sleeping pills and tranquillizers.
  • Accept support from (for example) friends, family and colleagues.

More information

  • Slachtofferhulp Nederland (Victim Support Netherlands) helps people who have experienced a traumatic event. For example if you are the victim of a serious crime, a traffic accident or a disaster. You can turn to them for emotional support, support during criminal proceedings or when claiming compensation.
    Chat with Slachtofferhulp on their website or call 0900 0101.
  • GGD Groningen offers information on coping with traumatic events for young people, adults, parents/guardians and children, and also for schools.