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Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Where can you get answers to your questions about coronavirus?

Geplaatst op: 13 februari 2020

On our website we provide several pages of information. We tell you here what you can do to prevent the virus spreading. And we explain here what you have to do if you are ill. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has a page on its website giving you extra information. If this information doesn’t make things clear or you have other questions, then we are available to answer your questions.

For general questions about coronavirus you can call the national information line. The number is 0800 1351 or, if you are calling from abroad, +31 20 205 1351.

This number is available every day of the week from 8.00 until 20.00.

If you live in the province of Groningen and have questions about your own health or about the situation in Groningen, then you can call our information line on 050 367 40 00.

On workdays you can reach us from 8.00 until 17.00.

Reading more about coronavirus
A lot more information about coronavirus is available on the RIVM website.